From Rock Stars to Rocket Scientists

We are the go-to trainer for NASA as well as for all major record labels so our alumni run the gamut, literally, from rock stars to rocket scientists. We have trained spokespersons in the aerospace, energy, automotive, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, financial services, marketing, publishing and nonprofit sectors. We have worked with authors, actors, political candidates, government officials and corporate executives and philanthropists.

What Happens in a Media Training Workshop?

We call our company Experience Media Consulting for a reason: all our instruction is based on our experience as media content providers and our clients learn by experiencing realistic practice interviews. Those interviews are recorded on video and critiqued. Although we use television as a teaching tool, our training is about much more than looking good on TV; our workshops are content-driven, rather than style-driven.

We begin with a focus on today’s media, because in the current age of the 24-hour news cycle, the very definition of news has changed.  We teach our clients the five most basic rules of media encounters — rules so basic we call them the Five Commandments of Interviews.  We work with clients to create interview agendas and teach them that reporters put their responses into one of three pigeonholes: Can’t Use That, Could Use That, Gotta Use That. We teach them the tricks of the trade that turn agenda points into “gotta use that” answers.

Then we put them on camera and do practice interviews, followed by constructive critiques.  Through hands-on experience, they learn the keys to media mastery: creating an agenda, delivering that agenda in a compelling manner, and controlling the flow of an interview.

One Size Fits One, Not All

We customize every workshop and create practice media encounters clients are likely to face, rather than use unlikely hypothetical scenarios.  Our extensive television background has led us to create highly-specialized training for on-camera spokespersons who do televised demonstrations. We even have a specialized course designed to equip reality show contestants for the interview portions of those popular programs.


All participants receive a customized workbook with our media training materials as well as access to videos of their practice interviews.  In addition,  participants receive a copy of the book “How to Master the Media” by George Merlis.

Loyalty and Confidentiality

Most of our business is from returning clients or is based on referrals from established clients. Some clients bring us across the country and even around the globe to work with their spokespersons because they trust us to maintain confidentiality.  We offer clients a confidentiality agreement created for us or will sign any client-supplied confidentiality or nondisclosure agreement. We are proud of our decades-long record: no proprietary information disclosed to us in the course of media training has ever leaked to the media.

Workshops Options:

George Merlis conducts all our workshops.  For larger groups, he partners with an accomplished professional with extensive media and training experience.

One-on-One Training

This half-day or full day option is ideal for spokespersons who are likely to participate in a lot of media interviews.  The full day is recommended for those who may face hostile questioning in a controversy or in a crisis situation.

Single Trainer, Half-Day Group Training

This option features a half-day of media training for up to three active participants.

Single Trainer, Full-Day Workshop

This option is similar to the half-day, but can accommodate up to five active participants in an eight-hour workshop.

Two Trainers, One-Day Workshop

Adding a second trainer allows us to open the workshop to as many as seven active participants.

ALL NEW: Multi-Day Timesaver Workshop

Economical in terms of time and money, this option was created to accommodate teams of eight or more busy spokespersons. It requires only three hours of total investment in media mastery spread over two or more days and features a two-hour presentation for all participants on Day One of training.  On a subsequent day, each participant engages in an intensive one-hour individual training workshop. That session consists of polishing agenda points and two practice interviews.  Following the presentation on Day One, we can accommodate up to eight participants on each subsequent day. This is an ideal way to train large groups: Training for as many as eight participants in a two-day Timesaver, 16 in a three-day Timesaver, 24 in a four-day Timesaver 32 in a five-day time saver and 40 in a six-day Timesaver.  This is an attractive option for multi-day meetings, retreats or conventions.

Two Trainers, Two-Day Media Training Boot Camp

Our most intensive training option is designed for up to eight participants and features two eight-hour days of highly interactive media training.

Demonstration Workshop

A good option for very large groups, the demonstration workshop runs from two to four hours. It has all of the content of a normal half-day, but only two or three volunteers go on camera for practice interviews and critiques.  We have conducted demonstration workshops for groups ranging from 15 to 60 persons.  Many clients find this an attractive option for company retreats, regional meetings or strategy conferences.

Training has become mandatory for business executives and professionals seeking the greatest possible benefit from all their exchanges with the news media. With training, you take control and turn the media's firing line into your fireside chat.
Our senior team of media consultants has delivered discreet services to a variety of industries for more than 20 years. We achieve powerful results for our clients in print, broadcast, and radio media using our Experience Technique.
We're headquartered in Los Angeles, California, and work across the country and around the world. please contact us for details.
We've provided more than 20 years of continuous service to hundreds of executives, spokespersons, and public figures.
We operate with strict confidentiality. Download a sample confidentiality agreement. We never reveal the identities of our clients, unless they expressly permit it.
We tailor our media training to each client's individual needs and challenges. Our rates are very competitive, please contact us to request a quote.
You need to know how to formulate an agenda for every interview or news conference and how to deploy that agenda. Learn from experiencing; our practice sessions give you confidence to stand before the microphones or to take a call from a print reporter. Our Experience Technique teaches you how to blunt difficult questions, communicate your agenda to the proper audience, and stay on message.