We offer two distinct crisis communication consulting services: Crisis communications planning and crisis management consultation.

Crisis Communications Planning

A breaking crisis is not the time to begin ad-libbing responses to internal and external audiences, so we help plan who says what to whom and how spokespersons are kept in the information loop. Every organization’s crisis management plan should include a crisis communications element.  We help clients craft that part of their response protocol.

Who Speaks in a Crisis?

When a crisis breaks, we frequently see multiple personalities jostling for the media spotlight, trying to manage the crisis communications.  This is counterproductive; it sends the message that nobody is in charge. We help clients find the ideal spokespersons in advance and train them for communication with internal and external audiences under the stressful conditions of a fluid crisis.

Crisis Management Consultation

During emergencies, we are available to consult on communications strategy and to help client spokespersons formulate responses to media and public questions.

What the Public Needs to Know

Whatever the crisis, the public needs answers to these four basic questions:

  • How dangerous is this situation to me and to my family’s physical and/or economic health?
  • If there is direct danger, what individual and family actions should we take to mitigate risks?
  • What steps are you, the responders, taking to mitigate the situation and to insure it does not happen again?
  • If there is no direct danger to me or to my family, how can we be of service to those in jeopardy?